Year 6 and the Positive Lifestyle event

10th Jun 2017

Year 6 and the Positive Lifestyle event

Our outstanding year 6's, once again held themselves up as respectful, hard working role models when they attended the Positive Lifestyle event.

It was a great day and nothing but praise was given by the organisers and the children for the event.

Aleeza"I feel more confident after this session and I've learnt that

friends are important", Harvey"I enjoyed the part when we went into the

football stadium", Tilly"everything was amazing, I loved it", Aksels"I

think the activities were fun to do and we worked as a team", Hollie"I

liked it because everyone was nice",( what a lovely comment, Hollie,

thank you!), Tyler"I loved the lesson because I know a lot more now",

Arvey"I liked how we worked as a group", Izzy"I liked the bit where I

was acting about strict teachers, it was funny"(but you got a really

important message across, Izzy), Haroon"I liked the first game...because

it started my brain up" and finally Shanice"I really enjoyed it because

it helped with my thoughts about high school, I enjoyed everything".