The plan is based on our academy values and is aimed to be broad, balanced and relevant to all our pupils. Key skills for each year group identify objectives and are used to produce units of work. Every child is entitled to a balanced curriculum, however we must ensure that solid foundations are established in the basic skills of literacy and numeracy.

At Ryecroft, we use the Read, Write, Inc phonics programme for our pupils. This begins in Foundation Stage (Nursery) and extends to Year 2. By this time, children should be proficient in reading at the Expected Standard for the End of Key Stage 1.

If children require additional support in Key Stage 2, we also use a continuation of RWI - Read, Write, Inc. Fresh Start for less confident readers in Key Stage 2. Read, Write, Inc. Language and Literacy is also used from Years 2 to 6 to support English reading and writing.

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