Ryecroft Primary Academy is committed to providing an education of the highest quality for all of its pupils and recognises that this can only be achieved by supporting and promoting excellent attendance for all.

There is clear evidence of a link between good attendance at school and high levels of achievement and attainment. Regular school attendance is essential if children are to achieve their full potential.

Some facts about attendance

Ryecroft Primary Academy believe that regular school attendance is the key to enabling children to benefit fully from the educational opportunities available to them and become emotionally resilient, confident and competent adults who are able to realise their full potential and make a positive contribution to their community.

Ryecroft Primary Academy values all pupils; we will work with families to identify the reasons for poor attendance and try to resolve any difficulties.Prolonged absence from school can lead to loneliness. It can make it harder for your child to get along with other children and make friends.


If you take a two week holiday in term time your child's attendance will automatically be reduced to less than 95%.

The Government regard 96% as the minimum satisfactory attendance for a primary school pupil.

Children with poor attendance often become the victims of bullying

Most children have attendance rates of 97% or more. This is the equivalent of 5 days absence a year. But 100% is achieved by many pupils every year.

80% attendance is the same as having a day off every week.

90% attendance is like having a day off every two weeks.

A two week holiday each year in primary school means a total of 14 weeks teaching time missed this could have a real impact on their basic literacy and numeracy skills.

If you take a two week holiday every year in secondary school your child will have missed 10 weeks worth of education by the time they sit their GCSE's (assuming they haven't had a single day off for illness).

If your child misses 10 weeks of school do you think it will affect their exam results?

Looking after other children or shopping for new clothes are not good enough reasons to keep your child off school. The school will not authorise absence without a good reason.

Remember that the only legally accepted reasons for not being in school are illness, approved holiday or a day of religious observance.

Keeping children away from school for no good reason is a criminal offence.

If your child does not go to school regularly and you fail to work with the Education Welfare Service then you may be fined.

Attendance Policy