Rewards and good behaviour


Good behaviour will be rewarded by:

  • Being praised for working hard, being polite or showing consideration towards others.
  • Being praised for making a significant achievement.
  • Stickers or certificates, trophies or special assemblies.
  • When a child has deserved recognition s/he is awarded a stamp on the reward chart by the teacher.
  • For every 5 stamps, the child visits the Headteacher for a chart sticker.
  • For 30 stamps, a Headteacher award is given which comprises of a small token gift.
  • Achievement assemblies recognise good behaviour, incremental learners and a wide range of successes in assemblies with certificates and trophies.

Team points may also be awarded by teachers within their own classes for.

  • Displays of their work.
  • Prizes on special occasions.
  • Classes may vote for a 'pupil of the week' in circle time and a certificate is awarded and their photograph is displayed prominently in the classroom.
  • Class/groups can be rewarded for good work or behaviour by earning PLZ (Personalised Learning Zone) time that takes place on Friday afternoons. It consists of agreed enjoyable activities for the pupils involved. Poor behaviour may result in this time being lost.

We also have a Class Dojo where the children are rewarded for their behaviour and attitude amongst other things.

As a parent or carer you can receive a login/signup password so you can see how your child is doing. You can even see pictures of their hard work and fun, creative activities that they do.

If you don't have a login, please see your child's teacher.

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